Natural Dry Face Brush

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A plant bristle brush especially designed for dry brushing the face. Achieve soft glowing skin on your face every day by dry brushing with this beautifully soft plant bristle brush, made of jute bristle, especially designed for delicate skin, it will gently exfoliate dead surface skin, stimulate circulation in your face and drain away any congestion around the eyes, nose and neck, leaving your skin looking smooth and vibrant.


Suitable for Normal to dry skin, mature skin, topical eczema, psoriasis and those who suffer from open pores.  It is also suitable for those with mild breakout and congestion, to help open pores and allow excess sebum to flow naturally from the skin pores, active blood flow to enhance collagen production to heal skin.  However, it is not suitable for skin that has severe pustular activity, cystic acne, significant active lesions, lots of red inflamed skin.  It is best to wait until the skin has healed before trying to dry face brush.


Directions Dry brush the face only 1-2 times per week followed by a hydration mask, organic facial oil or good quality daily moisturiser so that your skin stays looking it's best and doesn't dry out.


Brush Care This brush exfoliates better than a facial scrub and will last you a long time. Ensure to spray Tea Tree spray on after each use to kill any bacteria and wash once a week with hot soapy water.

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