PROTECT skin care ritual

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A collection of botanical skin care products formulated to support and maintain  balance of normal skin. Healthy skin should feel soft, have an even texture and a healthy glow.




Palmarosa Cleansing Oil 100ml

An all in one balancing skin treatment to be used as a cleanser, make up remover, facial moisturiser and nourishing oil treatment.


Rose Hydrosol Mist 100ml

Rose hydrosol is a softening tonic for the skin, as well as a sweet floral scent to calm the nervous system and soothe the heart. It may be used as a hydrating skin toner prior to moisturising or simply as a calming daily spritz inhalation.


Sun Wind Sea Serum 50ml

An incredibly fresh and light botanical serum made with sea buckthorn and aloe to soothe, hydrate and calm all skin types. Use before or in place of a daily moisturiser. 


Sweet Willian Face Muslin Cloth


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