Hibiscus Tea

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Hibiscus flowers make a delightful anti-oxidant rich infusion, with cooling hydrating properties it is an excellent iced tea in the heat of summer. Hibiscus is also a soothing tonic for the digestive system and can provide a burst of colour as well as extra nutrients in the colder months of the year. 


Directions Infuse 1 teaspoon of your herbal tea in freshly boiled water for 5 minutes or longer. Drink 1 to 3 cups daily.


Ingredients 100% Hibiscus* (Hibiscus sabdariffa/rosa-sinensis). *Organic.

All dried herbs are wild crafted or sourced organically when available. Non organic herbs may be used when organic herbs are unavailable.

Sizes 25g / 50g / 100g


Please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking this herbal tea if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medication. Keep out of reach of children.