Sandalwood Exfoliant Powder

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A blend of natural polishing powders to gently exfoliate, refine skin tone and brighten your complexion. Pearl powder contains calcium, protein and vitamins, promoting regeneration of new skin cells and increasing collagen synthesis, enhancing the structure and integrity of your skin. 

About Sandalwood - Santalum spicatum

Sandalwood powder has a subtle, sweet, woody aroma and a fine soft texture ideal for use a facial exfoliant to remove dead skin cells, improve circulation and nutrient supply to the skins surface for softer and brighter skin. Sourced from sustainably harvested Australian Sandalwood.​


Suitable for All skin types, take extra caution on sensitive skin.


Dirrections Simply blend with water or your favourite hydrosol to form a paste and massage into skin following the contours of your face. Rinse with tepid water and follow with your favourite nourishing face oil.

Recommended in combination with Holy Basil Cleansing Gel.


Ingredients Sandalwood Powder, Pearl Powder, Oatmeal*, NZ Kaolin Clay Powder and Ground Chamomile Flowers*. *Organic.

Sizes 10g test tube / 30g jar

Made in Wellington, New Zealand.


We recommend performing a patch test before incorporating a new product into your routine. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any medical conditions consult your healthcare practitioner before use. Keep out of reach of children.

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