Fill out the form below and receive free holistic health advice that is tailored to you. This service is the beginning of the road to natural wellness, if you need more in depth attention for chronic or acute conditions you will be referred on to the appropriate practitioners.
Be in touch if you are seeking support to address issues such as...
Digestive problems
Hormonal imbalances
Sleep and stress management
Healing skin conditions
Once you have submitted your form you can expect a reply within a week from our online naturopath and herbalist Chantal. You will receive the following recommendations with in depth explanations. 
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3 Lifestyle
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If you have a herbal dispensary query, herbal prescription to fill or would like to speak with a Herbalist directly - please contact our team at Wellington Apothecary on (04) 801 8777 or email
Please take a moment to fill out the form in as much detail as you are comfortable to share so Chantal can offer you the best advice and recommendations for your needs.

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Tell me about the current health issue you are experiencing at the moment and how long have you been experiencing it for. I would love to know how it makes you feel and how much it is impacting on your life. Be as specific as you can and include any specific questions you would like answered.


Tell me what you think the cause might be or what is a major influencing factor. It is totally ok if you have no idea, however I invite you to take a moment to consider it because often our gut feelings or hunches on these things are absolutely right.


Tell me about the specific outcome you desire. What would you do, who would you be, or how you would feel if this current health issue was not in the way?


Tell me about your average daily food intake, including all beverages.


Tell me about your average daily stress levels – low, moderate, high.


Tell me about issues you have had in the past that may or may not seem related to your current issue.

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Terms and Conditions

All information you submit is strictly confidential and will be used solely by Chantal for the purpose of being informed about how to offer you the best tailored advice. Chantal’s advice does not take precedence over your current healthcare with your current GP. If you have a chronic illness that requires medical attention you will be advised to go down that route. That does not mean that both are incompatible, in fact, they can be complimentary. Chantal cannot support your wellness to the best of your capability if you do not disclose relevant medical information. Chantal will offer careful and considered advice to the best of her knowledge, however is not responsible for the outcome. You must be willing to make the changes necessary in order to receive the benefits. If at anytime you are unsatisfied with the advice you have received or your results do not hesitate to contact Chantal for further support and guidance. ‘Ask Chantal’ is a free service that exists to offer easy access to the wealth of knowledge that a naturopath holds, without the costs. It does not substitute for a full consultation if that is what is required for long term support for chronic illnesses. If Chantal sees that your current situation would benefit from a full consultation and long term support she will advise you on this. By submitting your details with this form you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

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