Inma is really passionate about gut health and fermentation, which she also teaches regularly. She’s a firm believer in the importance of rebalancing all our body systems to be in good physical and mental shape - only when they work together in harmony, we can really achieve optimal wellbeing. For her, education is an essential part of the journey to good health and she reflects that in the way she works with clients - learning about the ‘why’ of our choices and most importantly, about ourselves, is key to making healthy decisions. She’s a great listener and her approach to coaching is gentle and compassionate.
Inma's main focus is to empower clients to be the source of their own positive change, unlocking their full potential and helping them reach their goals. Health Coaching is a client-led practice, what this means is that we don’t prescribe or diagnose, but rather focus on facilitation so that you can make your own informed choices. We empower clients to be the source of their own positive change and ask powerful questions to help them uncover their values, strengths and motivation for change using a step by step structured approach. At the end of the day, the power to shift is within us, we just simply walk alongside you and guide you every step of the way.

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