Japanese Hinoki Cypress Incense with Burner

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Experience the tranquility and healing scent of a Japanese cypress forest at home. Hinoki's soothing aroma contains natural anti-microbial compounds called phytoncides, scientifically shown to purify the air, lower blood pressure, and improve mood. Exotic and subtle. Especially suitable for those who are sensitive to strong, perfumy scents.

Contents 8 incense pieces, Burner Dimension: 30 x 80 x 20 mmComes in two parts, also made from hinoki wood. One is the burner, and the other is the incense holder. 

All-natural, fragrance-free. No chemicals, essential oils, or burning accelerants.

Product of Japan

The Way of Aroma

In Japan, love of aroma in more than a casual pastime.

In 1982, the Japanese government launched the popular national health initiative of shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) for the young and old to take forests walks and take in the healing powers of nature.

Appreciating aroma of incense is a classical Japanese art-form called Kōdō.
Appreciating aroma of incense is a classical Japanese art form called Kōdō (the Way of Aroma.)

It is similar to other arts such as tea ceremony (Sadō, the Way of Tea) and flower arrangement (Ikebana, Living Flowers.)

In the 15th century, Japanese Zen master Ikkyū codified the ten virtues of aroma.

This code (below) has been the guide for lovers of aroma ever since.

The Code of Ten Virtues of Aroma (Kō-no-juttoku)
Opens a window beyond material existence
Refines body and soul
Purifies surroundings
Keeps one alert
Is a companion in solitude
Brings a moment of serenity amid busy affairs
When plentiful, one never grows tired of it
Satisfies even when there is little
Soothes young and old alike
Does no harm when used every day

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