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Linen Heat Pack

Linen Heat Pack

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A modern take on the traditional wheat bag, Refined Handmade linen heat packs are made with care from 100% linen fabric, filled with natural heat retaining flax seeds. Keep yourself warm and cosy during chilly winter evenings, or sooth aching muscles, joints and neck tension.

Directions To heat, microwave your heat pack for 1 minute. If not hot enough, microwave further in 30 second increments until your desired temperature is reached. Handle with care and do not overheat, as heating times will vary depending on your microwave.

To use cold, place heat pack in the freezer for at least an hour before use.

Composition 100% linen outer. Natural flaxseed filling

Size 350mm long x 140mm wide

Colour Options Mustard / Grey / Red Clay


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