Māori Vegetable Cooking

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Traditional and modern methods of gathering and cooking vegetables. Both wild and cultivated food products are described and illustrated, and recipes are included. Today there is a desire to go out into nature and gather a variety of vegetables from lowlands and forest areas. This book considers what may be found, noting endangered species, and how to cook the others. As the proverb says "When food is eaten the people are 'ora', alive and well". 


Paperback - 72 pages

 - 170 x 110mm

Published - 1987


By Murdoch Riley.

Murdoch wrote a number of books dealing with New Zealand flora and fauna, as well as Māori lore. The most significant, however, was Māori Healing and Herbal published in 1994, which was awarded Second Prize in the 1995 Montana Book Awards. Until 2002 he ran a wholesale health-book business.

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