Volcanic Rock Set - Nocturne

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On a dark earth a fire burns. Sparks arc across a blue?black sky. Threads of smoke and ember rise to join the silent space.


Scent inspired by fire under Australian night skies.


Top Notes: Mandarin

Heart Notes: Coriander, Peru Balsam

Base Notes: Buddhawood, Cedarwood.


Softly scent your space with volcanic potpourri. Locally sourced volcanic scoria is scented with Milligram Studio’s unique Melbourne mixed formulas. Enhance the fragrance by adding 3-5 drops directly to rocks as desired.


Set contains:

Mouth blown glass holder

Scented volcanic scoria

10ml fragrance


Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia.



SIZE (mm): 85dia x 100H

BOX (mm): 228L x 150W x 86H

VOLUME: e10ml

WEIGHT: 520g

STYLE: Set containing: rocks, glass holder, top up fragrance

MATERIALS: Melbourne mixed fragrance. Mouth-blown glass. Volcanic Scoria.

SOURCE: Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia. Glass made in China.

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