Only after we have allowed ourselves to deliquesce into to darkness can there be a glimmer of light as a new cycle begins.


It is obvious that we are collectively living the darkest time of our yearly orbit around the sun, what is less obvious is what that means for our wellbeing and how we should respond with our thoughts, actions and intentions. Here in Aotearoa we are fortunate to have the guidance of te ao Māori, the Māori worldview, to encourage us to live in harmony with the cycles of nature. In doing this we can make more sense of our darker feelings, as we feel connected to the inherent natural movement from darkness to light. We can be more patient, kind and hopeful towards others and ourselves when we acknowledge that the darker aspects of our lives have the potential to transform into greater depths of knowledge, compassion and wisdom.


By connecting ourselves, as human animals, with the seasonal cycles we can somewhat relax our minds trusting that everything is transient, nothing is permanent. We may return over and over again to recurring issues in our lives but we are never stuck, unless we choose to remain stuck, which is even more painful because it goes against the natural rhythm of movement. Our choosing to remain stuck is often unconscious and it is a protective mechanism, a false sense of safety and security. A key aspect of trusting the natural rhythm of life, and moving with it instead of resisting it, is safety. When we do not feel safe we freeze. More accurately, some of us freeze and some of us force our way ahead, neither of which allows us to soften, yield and deliquesce into the darkness.


It is at this time of year, the darkest time of year, that our unresolved issues can arise yet again, not to torture us but to remind us that we have work to do. There is an area of our lives or a part of ourselves that our hearts know is ready to grow and evolve. So, instead of collapsing in despair or doubling down on old patterns to force your way through, now is the time to get curious about what is evolving here. What aspects of our lives or ourselves to we need to look at honestly to allow death and decay to work their magic? What aspects of our hopes and dreams are awaiting this death so that new life can be breathed into them? If you are low, slow, confused or overwhelmed, you are not stuck, you are on the precipice of a new beginning. A new way of seeing and a new way of being. Acceptance of the darkest time of year and darkest parts of ourselves may be the first step.




“You are all in the dark right now, but in time to come you will be back in the world of light.”
This article was inspired by Tihei-wa Mauri Ora– an indigenous kaupapa Māori counselling resource.




To support your ability to build yourself up or maintain your reservoir of energy in this darkest time of year you might like to listen to our latest meditation - The Microcosmic Orbit. Inspired by the traditions and practises of yoga, qi gong and the Taoist philosophy, all energy is recycled and all of life moves in cycles.

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