At the Wellington Apothecary we are an eclectic bunch of herbalists, naturopaths, nutritionists, anthropologists, massage therapists, holistic facialists, environmentalists, artists, yoginis, gardeners, researchers and manufacturers. All of which enriches our approach to understanding wellbeing, people and nature. The ancient art of herbal medicine and healing philosophy inform the basis of how we approach wellbeing. We are interested in exploring holistic and embodied ways of healing ourselves as individuals, our people as a collective and our environment as our home. Join us.
Chantal is a herbalist and naturopath with an anthropological and yogic foundation. She is enamoured with and continually curious about plant medicine, individual and collective rituals, and mindful inquiry into our innate ability to heal. Chantal is currently residing in the Tasman region teaching yoga and offering our free practitioner advice service ASK CHANTAL. She also writes our online journal ARTICULATE to share holistic wellness tools and ethnobotanical insight with you. 
Laura is a co-founder of the Wellington Apothecary has a level seven diploma in Health Science: Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Naturopathy. With an uncanny ability to absorb knowledge and an insatiable curiosity about almost everything, Laura is constantly researching and testing plant extracts and new ingredients on herself (and everyone else) ensuring all of our products are formulated to be as safe and effective as possible. Laura sees community connection, sustainability and transparency as crucial to our integrity as a business and plans to explore this through travel, stories and providing unique traditional holistic therapies.

Jemma's greatest pleasure is the alchemic experimentation involved in creating herbal medicine, formulating bespoke skincare blends and sharing these rituals through collaborative workshops. After growing up with severe eczema as a child and exploring many healing avenues, Jemma found her cure in plant medicine and began her training in Herbalism. She has spent the past 18 years immersed in natural health, culminating in the co-founding and continuing evolution of the Wellington Apothecary. Join her in store to create your own skincare/perfumes/tea blends and more.




Inma is really passionate about gut health and fermentation, which she also teaches regularly. She’s a firm believer in the importance of rebalancing all our body systems to be in good physical and mental shape - only when they work together in harmony, we can really achieve optimal wellbeing. For her, education is an essential part of the journey to good health and she reflects that in the way she works with clients - learning about the ‘why’ of our choices and most importantly, about ourselves, is key to making healthy decisions. She’s a great listener and her approach to coaching is gentle and compassionate. Her main focus is to empower clients to be the source of their own positive change, unlocking their full potential and helping them reach their goals, whilst walking alongside them every step of the way.


Kathryn’s love for ritual, beauty and the handmade led her to join the Wellington Apothecary team as Head Manufacturer. A lifelong creative, she draws on her attention to detail and intuitive eye to lovingly produce the Wellington Apothecary product range. She enjoys a regular yoga practice blending mindfulness, movement, and wellness. A talented designer, she is also at home creating with sustainable textiles and exploring the alchemical processes of natural dying. Kathryn also has a love for learning and is endlessly enthusiastic about plant healing, philosophy, and holistic medicine.
Jac recognises the importance of a balanced, holistic lifestyle and the significance the natural environment plays in our wellbeing. Drawing on wealth of knowledge from an international community she welcomes the opportunity to explore a sustainable and ecocentric approach to modern health. Beyond her passion for environmentally sustainable outcomes for wellbeing, Jac is a student of the Fine Arts, and explores the shifting landscapes of the human condition for inspiration in her work.


Fresh from the shores of the Mississippi and originally from the fragrant and beautiful shores of the island of Kaua’i, Deva brings a unique understanding of tropical flowers and wild plants and herbs. Deva is also an established makeup artist with extensive knowledge in beauty and skincare as well as fragrances and essential oils. Our new Custom Bespoke Perfume Blending Specialist, book an appointment with Deva and create your very own essential oil perfume blend.

Stephanie is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Holistic Facialist. Her international career has spanned across more than a decade allowing her to work and learn from experts in the field of natural beauty, including the sought after Natural Lift Facial Massage technique; and more recently adding Integrative Nutrition Health Coach to her offerings, providing a uniquely effective inner and outer wellness approach to your health and beauty needs. ​
Elle wholeheartedly believes in treating the body holistically. We are all a complex make up of our genetics, our family history, our diet & even our life experiences and sustainable health improvements can be reached when all these things are considered. Elle is passionate about merging traditional naturopathic knowledge with current scientific research to create treatment plans that are evidence based, as well as being realistic and practical to each client. 
In a world full of conflicting health information and a consistent hum of busyness and pressure, Anna helps individuals to listen to and trust themselves and their body, guiding them home to what ‘healthy’ means for them. We know our own body better than anyone else does so by combining our own innate knowledge with the clinical knowledge of a health practitioner, wonderful shifts in health can occur. Anna takes a compassionate approach to her practice with the aim of individualising care that balances evidence-based and holistic considerations including diet and nutrition, lifestyle, mindfulness and herbal medicine. 

Isabelle is a warm and welcoming woman with a big heart and a warm smile. She exudes care and compassion for everyone she meets. She is committed to natural, organic and wholesome beauty products and therapies in her personal life as well as in her work.  She understands the critical connection between mind body and spirit and through her massage expertise and insights is able to help clients unblock tension and find release in their life.



As a practitioner Natalee is a huge advocate of teaching people the importance of self-care. She often advises on many different and simple ways to do this on a regular basis. She is a big believer that we need to look after ourselves first so we have the ability to support others and to make the best impact we can in other areas of our lives. Overall Natalee is passionate about enabling individuals to develop and maintain optimal health and wellbeing and supporting them to reach their individual health and wellbeing goals.


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