We are committed to sustainable practises - Our skincare is packaged in reusable and recyclable glass vessels and most of our skincare products come with the option of recyclable aluminium lids. Our herbal tea packaging is compostable once the tin tie is removed. Our clay mask sachet packaging is also compostable and our labels are made from paper or degradable Rocktak. Please compost, recycle, reuse or return your Wellington Apothecary vessels.
We offer product refills on clay powders, bath salts, roll on aroma blends, essential oils and herbal teas when we have bulk stock on hand. Call before you refill to check on (04) 801 8777
Once the tin ties are removed from your tea bags they can be composted. Our clay mask sachets can also be composted. Read more about the compostability of our sachets here HERE.
Our glass vessels are recyclable through your local recycling system. Your aluminium lids can be dropped off at your local community collection point. Please remove the wadding inside the lid.
Glass vessels can be repurposed in many ways, try reusing your vessels as candle holders, spice jars, propagation stations, plant holders and more. Visit our Pinterest page for beautiful ways to repurpose your vessels.
We invite you to return your clean, dry and delabelled glass vessels for reuse by our community. Please note that our glass recycling system is available for Wellington Apothecary vessels only and vessels that are not clean, dry and delabelled will not be accepted. Returned bottles are available for you to collect and reuse from the store for free.