Stephanie is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Holistic Facialist. Her international career has spanned across more than a decade allowing her to work and learn from experts in the field of natural beauty, including the sought after Natural Lift Facial Massage technique; and more recently adding Integrative Nutrition Health Coach to her offerings, providing a uniquely effective inner and outer wellness approach to your health and beauty needs.

​Holistic Facial Treatments go beyond a traditional facial they are the ultimate in pampering and deep relaxation. If you love lots of soothing massage, and your facials to be specifically tailored to your needs each time then this is the treatment for you. Lie back and relax, while you are transported into a place of pure bliss. While you are relaxing areas of tension, stress and congestion will be treated, leaving you with a soft, plump and smooth complexion.

Recommendations and care for your skin are not only skin deep. As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, my approach to Holistic Facials is truly unique with the emphasis being on the importance of balancing inner and outer nourishment, resulting in long-term beautiful skin from within and healthy skin ageing, while also supporting your overall health and wellness.

Introducing the brand-new facial - Reiki-Veda, a fusion of ancient Reiki & Ayurveda. If you love the relaxing, nurturing massage used throughout my signature Holistic Facial, then this is the facial for you! Reiki-Veda is 75 minutes of pure bliss. Not only does it include a full facial treatment to support your skin health, but also features a full body Reiki session, infused with a touch of what I like to call 'Ayurvedic Marma Magic.' Your treatment will start by selecting what the key areas of focus for your skin, energy, and body wellness are. Exquisite Wellington Apothecary Elemental Essential Oil blends are perfectly selected for you, and are immersed throughout. Simply lie back, get cosy; let your worries, stresses, and tensions melt away through gentle Reiki energy, soothing massage and gentle acupressure techniques. Reiki-Veda is a wonderful treatment for times of stress, exhaustion, emotional struggles, break-ups, big life changes, challenges and also if you're just generally feeling out of sorts; or if you're wanting a facial that is far beyond a facial treatment, yet leaves your skin looking and feeling incredible.

Rejuvenate Facial 

A beautifully rejuvenating and softening facial, to help support tired, damaged and ageing skin. Your skin will be treated to 75mins of exquisite pampering, invigorating massage, smoothing rose quartz; a specialised ‘natural lift’ technique, featuring incredible Adashiko Collagen. Facial tension can build up in the muscles of our face, contributing to puffiness, lines and wrinkles. This advanced method of traditional facial massage treats both the surface, and deeper facial tissues with highly refined, gentle hand and finger manipulation, to provide a ‘natural lift’ and skin rejuvenation.With a unique ‘healthy ageing’ approach, as opposed to unrealistic ‘anti-ageing’ this facial is truly one of a kind. Created from the desire to offer an alternative to unrealistic beauty pressures, and instead, offering a natural effective facial that highlights, and rejuvenates your own beautiful skin. An invigorating facial to support tired, damaged & ageing skin.

Signature Holistic Facials

45 minutes $90 / 60 minutes $120 / 90 minutes $170

Reiki-Veda Facial

75 minutes $140

Rejuvenate Facial

75 minutes $140


Holistic Hair & Scalp Treatment


Bookings available Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. 






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