Plant medicine is the oldest and most widely used form of medicine in the world today. Our knowledge and methods are based on the combination of traditional wisdom and current scientific research. Herbal medicines are extractions prepared solely from plants and can be dispensed as liquid extracts, essences, tablets, capsules, infusions and topical preparations. Herbs and other medicinal plants may also be incorporated fresh into your diet as therapeutic foods.

We believe whole food nutrition provides the foundation of good health. A constant variety of delicious, nutrient dense food is essential to restore and maintain good health. Each one of us has a unique genetic make up, history, body, habits and philosophies. Nutritional therapy will be a vital part of your Holistic Heath plan.

At the Wellington Apothecary you will be viewed as the unique individual you are. Herbal and nutritional remedies, as well as dietary and lifestyle recommendations are customised to suit your health concerns, goals and budget. Talk to our in store Herbalist or Naturopath for free practitioner advice 7 days a week or contact our practitioners online.








Elle wholeheartedly believes in treating the body holistically. We are all a complex make up of our genetics, our family history, our diet & even our life experiences and sustainable health improvements can be reached when all these things are considered. Elle is passionate about merging traditional naturopathic knowledge with current scientific research to create treatment plans that are evidence based, as well as being realistic and practical to each client. Treatment is tailored to your individual needs and commonly incorporates herbal and botanical medicine, clinical nutrition and dietary and lifestyle advice.

"My own health journey has led me to understand the importance of having a health practitioner you trust. Coupled with this supportive environment, my aim is to empower and educate you so you are ultimately able to become your healthiest and happiest self."

Bookings available Fridays.

Elle is not taking new clients at this time

Follow Up Consultations - 40 minutes $75



Abigail believes that one of the greatest keys to optimal wellness is living in a way the body was intended for; eating delicious whole foods, contributing to a healthy community of family and friends, taking time to rest, being in awe of nature and having a meaningful work life. Her focus is on promoting a happier and healthier way of being through making achievable and sustainable changes to lifestyle and diet. Utilising herbal tonic blends, nutritional supplements when needed and encouraging the inclusion of a predominantly wholefoods diet, Abigail tailors her advice specifically for you. Abigail is in store four days a week; Wednesday through Saturday and is available for free over the counter practitioner advice on these days. For a more in-depth approach, bookings can be made for full naturopathic consultations on Tuesdays.​

Initial Consultation 75 minutes - $120

Follow Up Consultation 40 minutes - $50




Natalee is passionate about supporting and enabling clients to develop and maintain optimal health and well-being; helping people to achieve their individual health goals. She works with her clients using herbs, nutritional supplementation, diet and lifestyle advice to make these goals achievable and the results long lasting. She enjoys treating a wide range of health complaints including gut issues and specialises in fertility and women's reproductive health issues. Natalee's ultimate love is supporting clients in taking on life with renewed strength and vigour where anything is obtainable.

Initial Consultation 60-75 minutes - $120
Initial Consultation 60 - 75 minutes (Child Under 12) - $100
Initial Fertility Consultation 120 minutes (2 People) - $180
Follow Up Consultation 45 minutes - $80



Chantal is a registered herbalist and naturopath, she graduated from Wellpark College in 2009. Her understanding of illness is that it is a sign of dissonance not only within the body and the mind, but also within relationships and the wider social web. Her study of anthropology expanded her perception of wellness to include ancestral and cultural influences - the stories that either inhibit or allow access to a deeper experience of connection and wholeness. Through the lens of tantric yoga philosophy she sees illness as an opportunity to discover our capacity to regenerate, our connection to the natural world and our infinite resource of energy. She utilises bespoke herbal tonics, plant essences, yoga practices, and tarot as a tool to address the deeper realms of the psyche. Chantal is currently residing in the Coromandel region teaching yoga and writing our online resource ARTICULATE to share her experience and knowledge with you.