Isabelle uses a tailored combination of massage techniques to suit your individual needs; including deep tissue, Swedish, Ayurveda, Shiatsu, Korean pressure point massage, traditional aromatherapy massage, anti-cellulite massage and reflexology. Following treatments, clients report feeling relaxed, energised and sleeping better. Regular treatments lead to a reduction in stress, improved circulation and relief from muscle pain and stiffness.

Isabelle is committed to using organic products where possible. Your massage oils are blended on site and are matched to your preferences and your therapeutic needs. Enjoy fine quality linens during the treatment to ensure the most relaxing and luxurious experience possible. Isabelle brings her passion and expertise for aromatherapy to every massage, your senses will be spoilt and your body will be refreshed. All treatments are tailored following consultation with you to ensure your treatment is appropriate for your needs, physical condition and preferences as to massage experience.




The Garden of Love (75 minutes) $120

Evoke feelings of love and joy with a luxurious spa treatment created in the spirit of Valentine's day and available for a limited time. Enjoy a pampering Pumice and Mint foot scrub and mask followed by a grounding Frankincense balm foot mask before a botanical full-body massage with Wellington Apothecary's Aether embodiment blend - formulated with pure rose, jasmine, neroli, patchouli and orange essential oils. Finish with a Wellington Chocolate Factory treat.

Available for February Only


Botanical Massage (60 minutes) $110 / (90 Minutes) $150 

 Experience the fragrance, refreshment and rejuvenation of a pleasant walk through a lush garden. A natural plant-based, full-body massage with a particular focus on your areas of preference. This tailored Aromatherapy full body massage includes a de-stress scalp massage and can also be focused on the back and shoulders or legs depends on your skin type, condition and needs. 
Botanical Massage Express (45 minutes) $90
The Botanical Massage for busy people committed to self-care. Take a short break amid the bustle as if you are meditating briefly in a restful pavillion. Find relaxation for mind and body, as you experience massage focused on particular areas of concern.
Lavender & Mandarin Pregnancy Massage (75 minutes) $130
Pamper yourself or someone you love as you anticipate a new arrival. These divine oils are blended to be safe, restful and restorative for mum-to-be. With particular attention to renewing dry, irritated and stretched skin, headaches, tired backs and legs this massage is perfect for the future mum. You’re carrying someone else right now, let us carry you for 75 minutes. Tummy is included or excluded at your preference. Ideal for mums in their second and third trimesters. Studies show that pregnancy massage encourages hormonal regulation that leads to stress reduction and relaxation.
Bespoke Massage Oil Blend $39

Optional add-on Consult with one of our Apothecarians and have a bespoke aromatherapy blend of pure essential oils in 50ml of organic golden jojoba oil created prior to your massage appointment. This blend will be used during your massage treatment, with the remainder of your bespoke blend available to take away for home use following the massage. 

Please note this add on service is available on Friday and Saturday between the hours of 11am and 12pm or between the hours of 2pm and 4pm and is subject to availability. Please contact the store for more information on (04) 801 8777

Isabelle “Youngjin” is a Korean national who has lived and worked in Korea, Australia and New Zealand. She has been working as a massage therapist since 2005 and is highly skilled at her craft. 
Isabelle is a warm and welcoming woman with a big heart and a warm smile. She exudes care and compassion for everyone she meets. She is committed to natural, organic and wholesome beauty products and therapies in her personal life as well as in her work.  She understands the critical connection between mind body and spirit and through her massage expertise and insights is able to help clients unblock tension and find release in their life. Isabelle believes in the inherent worth of every person.  Particularly since becoming a mother, her desire to nurture and tenderly care for those who come across her path has grown. 
Massage is her particular gift that she wants to bring to the world to offer care for busy people among the stresses of life.  Isabelle developed and broadened her technique through professional development training in countries as diverse as South Africa, France, the United Kingdom and the United States. Isabelle’s love of aromatherapy was sparked under the tutelage of Anne Murray, trainer with the UK’s Aromatherapy Associates. Since that time, Isabelle has used aromatherapy wherever possible in her treatments and she is excited to be part of the team at the Wellington Apothecary to continue her expertise and development there.


In her spare time, Isabelle lends her creativity to thinking up new treatments, oil blends and packages.  Watch this space for future developments! If you would like to experience an authentic, luxurious massage, why not pop into our recently refurbished and sumptuously decorated massage space and pay Isabelle a visit? 

We are committed to the highest standards of hygiene and safety for our clients. All linen is changed after every individual treatment. Our therapists wash and sanitise our hands between treatments. Following Korean cultural tradition, our therapists typically wear a facemark during massage treatments (following the consultation) to maximise your comfort given the close physical proximity during massage. If you prefer we don’t wear a mask, please let us know. If you have a hearing loss, please let us know also.
We always recommend clients pay particular attention to hydration following treatments to support the body as it eliminates toxins and continues the metabolic work stimulated by the massage.


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