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Dark Vanilla Candle

Dark Vanilla Candle

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Not your average Vanilla! This fragrance is patchouli, musk and wood blended with the sweetness of vanilla & tonka bean mixed with sugar cane.

Top Notes Patchouli, Musk
Middle Notes Cedarwood, Leather, Milk
Base Notes Tonka, Vanilla, Marshmallow

Ingredients 150gm pure soy wax candle - provides 35-40 hours of burn time.

Directions When you first light your Amberjack candle, allow the melted wax pool to reach the sides of the jar before putting the candle out. This will help prevent wax from building up on the inside of the jar, as well as prevent tunnelling of the candle during future burns. We recommend a burn time of around 3 hours, and no more than 4 hours. Candle jar will be hot during and after burning, so allow the wax to cool before handling the jar.

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