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Shroom Squad

Shroom Squad

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Five functional mushrooms in one, easy to use powder - It’s the whole gang of shrooms. A synergistic blend of 5 of the most bioactive, functional mushroom extracts all together in one kick ass powder with only one intent - to bring wellness to one and all!  Chaga and turkey tail are the sentinels, patrolling your inner and outer environment, ready to act to ensure that  intruders or rogue factions don’t wreak havoc.  These two also provide much needed sustenance, love and nourishment to the vital flora in the gut as well.  Chilled out reishi extract supports the immune efforts of her comrades while also helping tosupport a clean and vital internal environ by  supporting healthy liver detoxification. Reishi is also a supreme peacekeeper and makes sure there is  a safe and comfortable mental space when sleep time rolls around.   Clever lions mane and her constituents help to keep the control centre happily humming  while also making sure the nervous lines of communication are in peak condition. Lions mane also works nicely alongside her buddy chaga to support a peaceful and productive gut environment  Lastly, the super fit cordyceps makes sure the vehicle is always fuelled and ready for action while keeping hormones happy and airways open and vital.  But really, all of the very best, dual extracted mushroom extracts for healthy immunity, brain and nervous system function, hormone, digestive and respiratory health - all rolled into one easy to use powder!?


Ingredients 20% 10:1 dual extracted, organic, fruiting body reishi (Ganoderma lucidem) extract*, 20% 10:1 dual extracted fruiting body chaga (Inoqutus obliqus) extract**, 20% 10:1 dual extracted fruiting body lions mane (Hericium erinaceus ) extract*, 20% 10:1 dual extracted, fruiting body turkey tail (Trametes versicolor) extract *, 20% 10:1 dual extracted fruting body cordyceps ( Ophiocorcyceps militaris ) extract*, AROHA, *Organic extracts **Wildcrafted


All of Misty Day's mushrooms are dual extracted in order to provide a full spectrum extract for the highest biological action. Sourced from an organic supplier and third party test for heavy metals. No grains, mycelium or fillers Actions not inhibited by heat Tested for heavy metals. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding or taking essential medications, please consult a health practitioner before use.


Size 60g

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