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Sleep Aroma Mist

Sleep Aroma Mist

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A blend of relaxing, sedative, aromatic extracts to evoke a sense of calm and promote restful, restorative sleep.

Key Ingredients

Neroli Citrus aurantium

Neroli essential oil has a sweet, fresh aroma, reminiscent of late spring and early summer. A happy scent, neroli is traditionally used to improve emotional states. Add neroli essential oil to your essential oil burner or diffuer to ease anxiety, low mood or insomnia, particularly when the sleeplessness arises from anxiety. 

Chamomile Anthemis nobilis + Matricaria Recutita

Roman Chamomile offers a sweeter and softer aroma than Blue Chamomile - like a hug for your nose. Traditionally used to calm states of restlessness, irritability, and sleeplessness. Known as a gentle remedy for oversensitivity. Suitable for soothing upset children after nightmares. Blue Chamomile, also known as German Chamomile is soothing and nurturing to the nervous system, it allows us to relax, let go and go with the flow. Therefore it is a balancing tonic for those that are overwhelmed with a sense of chaos and overcompensate with a rigid need for control. 

Lavender Lavandula angustifolia

Award winning NZ grown Lavender from Te Horo on the Kapiti coast. The "go to" sleep herb. Lavender has a harmonising effect on the nervous system, helping to reduce stress and aid sleep, ideal for sleeplessness associated with anxiety or the inability to switch off.

Mandarin Citrus reticulata

A gentle relaxing remedy, great for restlessness. Mandarin essential oil is know to create a feeling of calm and peace. 

Cedarwood atlas Cedrus atlantica

A rich, warm woody aroma to ground and strengthen the mind whiles reducing feelings of stress, anxiety and tension.

Buddhawood Eremophilia mitchellii

Australian grown buddhawood has similar properties to sandalwood. The essential oil has a sweet, woody, soft and grounding scent to calm and balance the mind. A lovely aroma to aid meditation.

Directions Shake well before use. Spray your Sleep Aroma Mist over your pillow and around your sleep space. Avoid direct contact with delicate, light coloured materials. For external use only.

Store away from heat, moisture,  and direct sunlight.

Ingredients Neroli Hydrosol, Blue Chamomile Glycetract, Essenrtial oils of Roman Chamomile*, NZ Grown Lavender*, Mandarin*, Cedarwood Atlas* and Buddhawood. 

Size 50ml Mist

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