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A Walk in the Woods - Scent Therapy

A Walk in the Woods - Scent Therapy

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Reminiscent of a walk in the woods after rain. A fresh, green and resinous aroma to calm, rejuvenate and balance. Blended with therapeutic essential oils derived from forest woods, resins and foliage to bring the experience of forest bathing with you.

What is Forest Bathing?

A practise common to traditional cultures throughout the world. Known as shinrin-yoku in Japanese. In Norway the term friluftsliv translates to "open air living".  Forest Bathing is the experience of spending time in nature, in the forest, enjoying the beauty and peace that comes with being surrounded by nature. Large trees such as Cypress release volatile compounds known as phytoncides into the air. Breathing in these phytoncides is thought to improve health and overall wellbeing. Research has shown forest bathing has the ability to regulate cortisol levels and heart rate variability, lowering stress and improving mood. These volatile compounds are captured in the distillation of essential oils found in this blend.


"My fave product is A Walk in the Woods scent therapy. I've got two bottles - one in my desk drawer at work and one by my bedside. For stressful days, it's the bomb (and adds a lovely scent to the air). Each night, it goes on my wrists for some lovely forest dreaming." - Lauren


Directions Add 2-3 drops to your pulse points, hair or bath as often as needed.

Ingredients Organic Golden Jojoba Oil with essential oils of cypress, black spruce, copaiba, amyris and buddhawood. 10% Dilution.


15ml Dropper, 60ml Refill


Image 4 Cupressus sempervirens, Credit Lucarelli


Not suitable for use during pregnancy.



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