If you wake up with a thick coat on your tongue, phlegm in your throat, nasal passage and sinuses, and a general feeling of unmovable heaviness it is likely that your liver is asking for your attention. Holistic living means living in sync with the seasons. Spring is the time of year that the body naturally sheds layers and cleans out the closet to loosen up and lighten up. The body goes through its own process of spring cleaning and here is how we can support our renewal at this potent time of year.


Your liver does so many tasks that keeps your body flowing freely from detoxifying chemicals, metabolizing hormones, regulating blood sugars, creating bile and stimulating bowel motions. It is a large organ that rests under the lower ribs on the right side of your torso and extends not only in front but also around the back. It is a rich fatty organ that thrives on oily foods rich in omega 3 & 6 poly-unsaturated fatty acids, such as in a variety of seeds and nuts, plus avocado, and oily fish like sardines and salmon. The liver also needs an abundance of fresh antioxidant plant-based foods to protect it from harmful chemicals in the process of detoxification.


From an energetic perspective the liver is associated with renewable energy, cleansing and refreshing, and its inverse lethargy, toxicity and stagnancy. When it is burdened by poor dietary choices and a sedentary lifestyle the liver does not have the opportunity to be renewed. It is like sitting at a desk with an inbox full of unread emails, there is no time or space for a break to move, to breathe deep and be refreshed. When we do not give ourselves time and space to be free, we feel burdened, stagnant and heavy. These are signs that we need to tend to our beloved liver.


From an emotional intelligence perspective, the liver is a powerful organ that gives us zest and vitality, which can also be fuel for anger and rage. Supporting the liver means inquiring about our tendency to either lash out in frustration, or subversively manipulate with micro-aggression. The more clarity you can gain on how you operate in these ways the more freedom you offer your liver, and in turn, the more zest and vitality you receive when your liver is not burdened. The liver stimulates the release of toxicity both physically, by releasing bile and stimulating bowel motions, and emotionally by a healthy expression of anger.


To be clear, anger and frustration are not wrong, it is perfectly natural to feel these emotions. And yet, when we do not allow ourselves to express them in the moment they get suppressed and buried in our tissues. Namely burdening the liver. If that sounds like you then the following are some herbs that support the liver function, stimulating detoxification, and protecting the liver from be harmed in the process of release. Of course it is always helpful to release your heavy burdens by letting it out, whether that be through talk therapy, mindful movement or journaling. Your emotional energy is fuel for the fire, so allow yourself to process past heaviness and notice how much livelier you become. 



Rosemary leaves protect and stimulate detoxification.

Schsiandra berries stimulate detoxification, energises the body and lifts the mood.

Dandelion root stimulates bowel motions.

Bupleurum is cooling and clears overheated congestion. 

Milk Thistle protects and regenerates the liver tissue. 

Globe Artichoke stimulates bile production and bowel motions.


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