Remember the small blissful moments of summertime & let them nourish you through the harder moments that may come. Here in Aotearoa we are now in the harvest season, a time of ripening, a time to gather the sweetness of summer nectar to sustain through the rest of the year. I am speaking literally and symbolically here.


As we sink into the tone of a new year it is usually around autumn that we really settle into our new rhythm, our new work life routine, our new rituals. This settling time can feel somewhat unsettling emotionally if you don't feel like you have satisfied your needs and filled your reservoir of warmth, joy and abundance.


That is why the harvest season is so precious, we get to gorge on fruit and continue enjoying long sunlight hours with even more gusto because we sense the turn of our world into colder, darker times. And there is so much warmth, joy and abundance to be found. We need not let the hard stuff wear us down.


There are so many reasons to be grateful for living on this beautiful land, this land of the long white cloud, we are so lucky to be here. We have so much support to thrive, it can be easy to forget that we are surrounded by goodness when it can seem that the world around us is falling apart. If you are not finding the support you need then please reach out and talk to us, or anyone that you can trust. 


Now is the time to remember our great fortune and fill ourselves up, because when we feel full we overflow our warmth, joy and abundance onto others. Autumn is the time to spend our evenings basking in the delicate warmth of the sun infused earth, indulge in the gorgeous abundance of the summer harvest and let these little glory's fill us up, just as a wild animal satiates themselves in preparation for darker, colder times. 




Here are 3 ways that you can harvest the most nourishing nectar out of your summer and settle into a deeply sustaining autumn…


Solidify a morning ritual that gives you a little boost of joy, beauty and energy to start your day:


  • Make a picture poster for your wall or put a reminder on your phone of 3 things that you love about your life, things that you are so grateful for, things that give you the energy to get out of bed and be your best self out in the world. 


  • Consciously massage your face with your moisturiser while looking in the mirror and reminding yourself of how far you have come and how amazing you are because you continue to show up in your life even though its sometimes really, really, really hard.


  • Take 3 hot minutes to boogie in your dressing gown before you get down to business, play your fav song at the top of your playlist and move your body like no one is watching. It’s a great way to boost your mood, get the blood pumping and the juices flowing!


One more thing you could do is listen to our latest NECTAR meditation to support your ability to remember, feel and fill yourself up with joy any day of the week.


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