Cacao + Maca Herbal Mixer

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A decadent adaptogenic plant potion blended with herbal powders, traditionally used to improve your body's resilience.


About Maca - Lepidium meyenii

Our maca is certified organic and ethically sourced direct farm to table. It is personally sourced by the Wellington locals at Seleno Health, from their farm in the mountains of Junin, Peru. They are a socially responsible business, offering support to the local community of San Jose de Quero. Maca has traditionally bee used to boost energy, improve mood, promote hormonal balance and build overall vitality. 


Directions Add 2 tsp to your smoothie, hot water/mylk or add to baking. Add honey to taste.


Ingredients Cacao* Theobroma cacao, Activated Maca* Lepidium meyenii, Cinnamon* Cinnamomum verum, Ashwaganda Withania somnifera, Cardamom* Elettaria cardamomum, NZ sea salt*, Cayenne Pepper* Capsicum annum. *Organic.


Size 50G


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