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Aether Nourishing Body Butter

Aether Nourishing Body Butter

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A rich, aromatic whipped body butter made with skin softening shea butter, pink clay and pure essential oils. Created to soothe and nourish all skin types.

Directions Massage into your skin as often as needed. Absorbs best when applied after showering

Ingredients Shea butter*, jojoba oil*, pink clay, essential oils or rose alba, orange*, neroli, jasmine and patchouli*. *Organic

Size 200g

Key Ingredients

Shea Butter Vitellaria paradoxa

Traditionally used to soften, moisturise and improve the texture of normal, dry and damaged skin.The refined butter has a smooth texture and and is white in colour with a very mild odor - perfect as a neutral base for your homemade skincare creations.

Rose Rosa ssp

One of the most exquisite and divine aromas, Rose is known as the queen of essential oils. It takes around 30 to 200 rose flowers to produce a single drop of essential oil making rose one the most expensive essential oils available. Rose is soothing and hydrating, softening the texture and reducing the redness of your skin. Rose is safe for sensitive skin types.

Golden Jojoba Oil Simmondsia chinensis

Jojoba is a liquid wax with a composition similar to sebum, produced by our own skin. Jojoba oil is nourishing, protective and well-tolerated, absorbing into the skin easily and forming a protective barrier helping to prevent water loss. An excellent emollient and moisturiser for young skin types as it helps to regulate sebum production and is non-comedogenic. Jojoba also offers anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and analgesic qualities and can be useful in the treatment of eczema, dermatitis, minor wounds and painful lesions.


Image Credit - floral shadow on back by Eliza Alves, body shot by Tetiana Nekrasova, mountain vista by Sam Mgrdichian.

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