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Moon Lists - A Guided Journal

Moon Lists - A Guided Journal

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A guided journal with questions & rituals for self reflection.

A workbook filled with questions, list-making ideas, and prompts for taking inventory of the self; 

One step in a direction of exploring parts of the mind + present tense that are new, unknown, and full of possibility. An exercise for breaking through creative, emotional, and transitional roadblocks.

Inspired aesthetically by 1960s/70s instruction and DIY manuals, it distills the Moon Lists questions into 18 months of original prompts.


Softcover - 160 pages

Dimensions - 229 x 184 mm

Published - 2019


By Leigh Patterson.

Leigh Patterson is a freelance writer and creative director whose work has helped elevate lifestyle brands and publications across print and digital media. She has worked with a range of design-focused publications and high fashion brands, including Remodelista, Freunde von Freunden, Urban Outfitters, Sight Unseen, Shaina Mote, Apiece Apart, Wildsam Guides, Cereal, and J. Hannah Jewelry. Her personal project, Moon Lists, launched in 2016.

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