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Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit Essential Oil

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Grapefruit essential oil is a gently cleansing and rejuvenating essential oil recommended for congested, dull, tired, oily and acne prone skin. Grapefruit essential oil is known to have an energising and purifying effect through gently stimulating lymphatic circulation and promoting detoxification. These effects may be helpful in cases of fluid retention and in reducing the appearance of cellulite. In aromatherapy, grapefruit is used to revive and uplift. In cases of exhaustion and fatigue, grapefruit can help to sharpen the senses, improve alertness and release anger. Non-organic.


Directions Essential oils are suitable for use in oil burners, diffusers or vaporisers. Simply add a few drops of your chosen essential oil in water or suitable carrier recommended for your diffuser. To create a therapeutic massage oil or nourishing body oil dilute your essential oil in a carrier oil as recommended below. 


Ingredients 100% Pure Essential Oil of Gapefrruit (Citrus paradisi). 

Size 10ml *other sizes available instore only


Do not apply essential oils to your skin undiluted. Some essential oils, when diluted are suitable for use in skincare formulations. Please contact us for more information if you are using essential oils on your skin for safe dilution ratios. Generally 1-2% of essential oil diluted in a carrier oil such as jojoba oil or sweet almond oil is considered safe. Some essential oils can cause irritation even in dilution and are not suitable in skincare. 

We do not recommend ingesting essential oils. Essential oils are very potent plant extractions and can cause irritation and damage to your mucous membranes as well as other health risks such as poisoning. Ask our Herbalists about safe plant extracts for internal use. Store essential oils away from children at all times. Seek advice before using essential oils for children. If you have a skin condition, are pregnant, have epilepsy or asthma, or are in any doubt about any condition you may have please contact us or a suitable health practitioner for further guidance.

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