The change of seasons tend to have a unsettling effect on us physically, mentally and emotionally. If you are sensitive to environmental changes then you may be experiencing lower energy, increased susceptibility to colds, hypersensitivity and introversion. Post autumn equinox, this is normal. As we move further away from the equator, the daylight hours are noticeably shorter and the nights noticeably colder. Some of us are affected in a big way… until we adapt.
Adaptation is a major field of study in the herbal world and in the wellness industry in general, as we learn how to best navigate endless changes in our modern world. Plant remedies can support our physical capacity to adapt to change, which means that we are less susceptible to anxiety and more resilient when facing challenges. It is all about homeostasis, our ability to rebalance again and again, returning to a state of harmonic symphony rather than living in static disturbance.
As herbalists, artists and epicureans we love to create remedies that not only support us physically but are also a delight to our senses and sense of aesthetic rapture. The following medicinal plants are internal and external remedies that we adore and use in our plant-based blends for their superior ability to support us in physical, mental and emotional adaptation. They can be used all year round but are specifically potent for this autumn season as they set the tone for the coming winter.
CACAO is radically high in antioxidants, protecting our DNA from free radical damage, lowering our susceptibility to age-related degenerative diseases. Cacao is a superior source of magnesium, supporting the nervous system for better sleep, less anxiety and muscle relaxation. Cacao also contains chromium, an essential mineral for regulating blood sugar levels and improving sustained energy.
MACA root has been cultivated and used medicinally in Peru for centuries, particularly for sustaining energy and as an aphrodisiac. Maca is proving to enhance mood, memory, libido and fertility by balancing and supporting the endocrine system - namely the adrenals, thyroid and hypothalamic-pituitary axis (HPA). Fortifying the body against the negative effects of stress and thus restoring and strengthening the mind.
WITHANIA has been used as a medicinal herb in the traditional Indian medical system known as Ayurveda for centuries. It has an immune modulating action that is supported by the adrenals, decreasing an over-stimulated inflammatory response and increasing a depressed immune response. Withania is the quintessential adaptogen plant supporting the adrenal glands and nervous system to reside in the parasympathetic state. Thus, allowing for deep restorative cellular repair and the return to a greater capacity for energy and resilience.
VETIVER essential oil is a rich, earthy and grounding scent, regulating the nervous system and ameliorating hypersensitivity.
KANUKA essential oil restores inner vitality, protects from uncontrollable external influences and is strengthening in times of exhaustion.
EVERLASTING essential oil encourages subtle introversion, supporting mental agility, self-awareness and emotional security.
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