How to stay grounded in a world of separation and disconnection.


We live in a world of concrete plastered on top of the earth. Shoes prevent our feet from touching the concrete let alone the ground itself. We live in buildings of one, two three or more stories. We drive in cars on top of concrete, on top of earth. Our feet become so accustomed to the flat predictable surface that when it comes time to play outside, it can be difficult to navigate the lumps and bumps of the soil, rocks and sand. We have become accustomed to homogeny, averse to the sensation of earth underneath foot, we are losing our ability to feel our innate connection to earth.


Some are calling it the Great Turning*, returning to earth is a journey that we are all. We contribute to this Great Turning by the choices we make – when we buy local organic produce, when we support local crafts people and small businesses, when we read labels and choose to support companies that are contributing to the wellness of our earth, our plants and our people. More than this, we contribute to the Great Turning when we turn inward to look at our own habits of disconnection.


Habits of disconnection may feel comfortable because that is the nature of a habit, we are creatures of habit and our body-minds thrive on routine. However, our learned habits of disconnection are contributing to our collective and individual feelings of anxiety, depression and apathy. For what is the point is changing anything inside when we look out and see a hopeless chaotic world? Well, the very point of turning inward to change our internal landscape is so that when we look out, we no longer see hopelessness, but instead we feel our purpose on this earth to be the loving conduit that we are.


Feeling grounded is how we ‘plug in’ to the energy of the earth as a resource to nourish our body-mind and become a conduit, an advocate, for our planet. Being an advocate for earth looks different depending on who you are, your unique purpose does not look like anyone else’s. You may see someone else growing organic produce, teaching yoga, making plant medicine, and you may think – but that’s not for me. The great news is that it doesn’t have to be. There are myriad ways that we all show up as earth advocates and the best place to start is inside.


What are your habits of disconnection? Eating on the run? Too much screen time? Not enough play time? Addiction to food/sex/shopping? Avoidance of silence and stillness? This is not a time to condemn, it is simply a time to recognise that the remedy you have been looking for is right underneath your feet. Take off your shoes and stand on the ground. Close your eyes. Who are you when you are not distracted or burdened? What do you love about life? What unique gift do you bring into this world simply by virtue of being alive?


The Great Turning is not about trying to be anyone or anything other than you, the real you, the you that shines effortlessly when you return to the earth. Your purpose may not look like those who are obviously advocating for the earth, but rather by doing exactly what you are already doing with a renewed conscious connection to everything around you. And it starts by reconnecting to everything inside you. There is nothing better to do than taking off your shoes and allowing your feet to be embraced by the ground. Lay your burdens down and let yourself be held.


In this one simple act of returning to the earth your purpose becomes clear as your connection to life is remembered. Your very existence is proof of your innate worth.





* Inspired by Joanna Macy’s – The Work that Reconnects... And those that are conduits of this work, Tara Judelle - Embodied Flow, and Juliette McConachy - Awakening Arts. 




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