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Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver

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Slow Herbal Medicine


Dreaming is one of life’s great mysteries. Is it just the minds way of consolidating memories and clearing out all the dead wood or is it something more?

In Ancient Greece, dreams were thought to be a journey of the soul as it left the body as night fell and sleep took hold. In Ancient Egypt and in many religious scriptures, dreams were thought to be messages from the gods and the dead on the other side of the veil, usually prophetic in nature. Many traditional cultures saw dreams as a sacred communion between the soul and the spirit of the earth, ancestors and animals. A way to connect with the unseen entities which controlled our fate. However they were perceived, they were always something to be interpreted or translated , searching for prophecy, meaning and messages from beyond.

In a world where so much has changed since those ancient times, we still have to sleep and with that sleep comes dreams. Some silly. some vivid, some seemingly trying to send a message to our being. Throughout time herbs have been used to enhance the quality or our dream space, to become part of the ritual to usher in our dream time. Many of these herbs are now used solely as “sleep herbs” forgetting all of the ritual and magick that had accompanied their use in the past.

Dream Weaver brings together a few of those ancient herbs which have been used to enhance the quality, vividness, recall and magick of dreams. Intended as a dreaming tonic, this hand made blend is the perfect accompaniment to a night time ritual to make your dream world, the world of your dreams.

Valerian - An ancient herb, valerian has been used since the time of Pliny and likely well before. Whilst used for many a malady in ancient times, it is now known mostly as a sleep and relaxation herb. Valerian has a strong sedative action and is thought to enhance the vividness, content and recall of dreams and may even enhance the likelihood of lucid dreaming. It is thought to bring good fortune and peace to those who use it.

Vervain - A truly ancient and witchy herb, vervain was used as a tool for divination by the Druids, may have been a part of witches flying ointment and was highly regarded as a dream weaver by First Nations Americans. In ancient Egypt it was associated with the moon goddess, Isis and was considered a sacred and lucky herb throughout Ancient Greece. As a dreaming herb it is renowned for enhancing awareness in dreams so may be of particular benefit for those wanting to have lucidity and for enhancing recall. It is also thought to keep nightmares at bay.

Mugwort One of my very favourite herbs - Mugwort is the OG witchy herb. It was believed to be a sacred herb by many Ancient civilizations and was even used as the base of beer prior to the use of hops. A beautiful womanly herb, mugwort is used to ward off evil spirits, to enhance dream lucidity and astral travelling ( which is handy right now while we cant travel!) It enhances your dream recall and is thought to make the prophetic messages in your dreams more easy to decipher. The mugwort in Dream Weaver is grown by me in my little garden. It is not to be used during pregnancy or whilst trying to conceive.

Shatavari Although now often considered a stress herbs and one to enhance fertility and general randiness, shatavari has an secret history. It opens the heart , allowing you to follow the sound of your spirit into the dream realm. Shatavari is also known as The Flying Herb as it allows you to soar through your dream skies, flying over forests and trees and taking you to faraway places. Many people think that shatavari makes their dreams more colourful and exciting and leaves them waking feeling happy and relaxed.

Blue Lotus- The Ancient Egyptians had many traditional uses and applications for Blue Lotus. It was said to connect one to the gods, inducing higher states of being and allow connection to your spirit. It induces a state of euphoria, promotes calm and relaxation and is thought to relax and calm the nervous system. It is also thought to be one of the best herbs for enhancing the vividness and lucidity of the dreamworld.

Hops - A member of the Cannabis family, hops is mostly known as the bitter in beer. It is also a sedative which enables a quick transition into the dreamscape and may enhance recall of your travels.

Licorice - Is sweet and nourishing for the body and soul ( and covers up the taste of the valerian!)

This tincture is handmade from scratch using homegrown mugwort grown within Atheria's little garden. It harnesses the full solar and lunar light of a full month and is made in the old way. The old way honours the herbs and the relationships that a herbalist has with them. The daily shaking of jars, the straining, the love and thought that goes into each and every bottle. This is the way of the past and definitely the way to the lightness of the future that we want to see.

Directions Take 5 ml in water up to three times a week as part of a dream ritual. Think about your intentions for your dream journey prior to bed and make sure you keep a dream journal next to your bed to capture all the secrets your subconscious has to share. Dropper filled contains approximately 0.5ml
If you are sensitive or perhaps just want to use Dream Weaver to commune with the dark spirits of the plants then by all means just use by the drop when you feel the need. 

Ingredients Per 5ml: This is a classic tincture made using the folk maceration method. Below is roughly equivalent to dry input

200mg shatavari (Asparagus racemosus)*
200mg valerian (Valeriana officinalis)*
200mg vervain (Verbena officinalis)*
150mg mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)*
100mg blue lotus (Nymphaea cerulea)*
50mg NZ hops (Humulus lupulus)*
50mg licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra)*
*Organic or Wildcrafted Ingredients
** Mugwort grown by me!
Non actives in this tincture are grain alcohol, non palm glycerine and distilled water
Contains ~25% alcohol

Not for use during pregnancy or lactation or by children
Do not drive or operate machinery when using Dream Weaver

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