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Sweet Love

Sweet Love

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Slow Herbal Medicine


Sweet Love tincture is my elegy to the joy that love, and togetherness can bring. There really is no greater feeling than that which is conjured up between two lovers. Sometimes the candle of desire can be dimmed so I formulated this tincture to help support a burning love, togetherness and desire.

Damiana - A Mexican beauty and highly prized as the happiness and libido herb. Damiana finds its way into many of my teas and tinctures. It has at once a relaxing action on the mind, allowing tension to float away while stimulating the pleasure centres of the nervous system and body. It grows in very hot and dry environments and loves the feeling of sun on its leaves. Damiana is one of those herbs that just makes everything seem okay. It is thought to enhance feelings of oneness with yourself and with those you love and cherish.

Epimedium - Coming to us from traditional Chinese medicine is this herb which is unflatteringly called Horny Goat Weed. In TCM it is named Yin Yang Huo, meaning "licentious goat plant." which loosely translates to promiscuous goat plant. Legend has it that a goat herder found his goats were particularly frisky when they grazed on this plant .. thus the name. It has been used for well over 2000 years in TCM to enhance sexual desire in both men and women and is thought to enhance circulation to the sexy nether regions thus enhancing pleasure. Ohhh errr. In addition Epimedium is thought to be a potential adaptogen helping to support a healthy response to stress which of course has a deleterious action on libido and feelings of togetherness.

Shatavari - The name of this herb translates as she of 1000 husbands. But don't let that put you off, (I think what got lost in translation is that a woman doesn’t want 1000 partners - she just wants one good one) I think what they meant is that shatavari supports your healthy sexual appetite to be able to accommodate a thousand husbands. Which makes sense, as this beautiful herb is not only an adaptogen that naturally supports relaxation, so you actually want to do it but is also thought to support healthy hormones. Shatavari is sweet and nourishing for the tissues and has a moistening effect for the mucous membranes so is THE herb for those who are overheated and depleted.

Rose - You would have to be dead inside to not love receiving a bunch of roses. Rose is a beautiful heart opening herb which is fragrant and beautiful. A heart chakra tonic, a herb to enhance understanding of others, to promote empathy, love and togetherness. Uplifting, restoring and calming rose nourishes the emotional heart, to promote the love and the soul that is within us all.

Cacao – With its botanical name meaning food of the gods, cacao is highly antioxidant and nutritive. It stimulates the circulation, fortifies the heart and promotes feelings of joy and blissfulness. I make this cacao tincture from fair trade, organic, ceremonial grade cacao.

Cinnamon - This spicy and sweet bark is strengthening and uplifting to the spirit whilst also being relaxing and calming. It is warming and stimulating for the circulation and libido and may support healthy hormonal health in women.

This tincture is handmade from scratch. It harnesses the full solar and lunar light and desires of a full month and is made in the old way. The old way honours the herbs and the relationships that a herbalist has with them. The daily shaking of jars, the straining, the love and thought that goes into each bottle. This is the way of the past and the way to the lightness of the future that we want to see.

Directions Take 5 ml once daily poured into a measuring spoon, directly in your mouth, in water or in juice or smoothies. Can be taken up to three times daily. A dropper filled is approximately 0.5ml. If you are sensitive or perhaps just want to use Sweet Love to commune with the loving spirit of the plants then by all means just use by the drop when you feel the need. 

Ingredients Per 5ml: This is a classic tincture made using the folk maceration method. Below is roughly equivalent to dry input.

200mg damiana (Turnera diffusa)*
200mg epimedium (Epimedium saggitatum)*
200mg shatavari (Asparagus racemosa)*
100mg rose (Rosa centifolia)*
100mg cacao (Theobroma cacao)*
100mg cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)*
*Organic or Wildcrafted Ingredients
Non actives in this tincture are alcohol, non palm glycerine and distilled water
Contains <25% alcohol

Size 100ml

Not for use during pregnancy or lactation or by children

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