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Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail

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If you have a pile of wood outside, during the autumnal months, it is likely that you will encounter the beautiful turkey tail (Trametes versicolor) growing on the woodpile. This mushroom is likely the most common to see in the wild and grows vigourously in all continents aside from Antarctica. Like its namesake, turkey tail is a very pretty, feathery, multicoloured mushroom which is quite diminutive in size comparitive to the likes of reishi and chaga but which packs a punch as big as its cousins.

With documented use since the Ming Dynasty, although likely used for centuries prior to this, turkey tail is used widely in traditional Chinese medicine. Within this paradigm it is used to enhance essential qi, to replenish the spleen and to eliminate dampness. In Asia, constituents from turkey tail have been widely used within the orthodox medicine world and thus there are a veritable treasure trove of studies on its usage in illness.

Turkey tail contains very potent polysaccharides which help to support the ability of the immune system to identify and nullify risks and also to support tolerance when the immune system is overactive. Constituents from turkey tail have also received a significant amount of attention for their apparent ability to support immune rejuvenation after orthodox therapies which may damage healthy as well as diseased cells. Turkey tail may also be of benefit for healthy liver function and for healthy energy levels in those with CFS.

Misty Days's turkey tail is dual extracted, to draw out both the potent water soluble actives and also the constituents that are only available when extracted with alcohol. It is wild grown in the North East regions of China, complies with CERES organic certification requirements and is third party tested in NZ for heavy metals and complies with the USP limits for heavy metal residues.

Ingredients 100% 10:1 dual extracted, organic, fruiting body turkey tail (Trametes versicolor) extract * AROHA

Size 60g

*Organic No grains, mycelium or fillers Actions not inhibited by heat Tested for contaminants

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding or taking essential medications, please consult a health practitioner before use.

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