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Calendula Rose Soothing Skin Cream

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After many months of careful reformulation and thorough testing we have our fresh new Calendula Rose Cream formulation. We have incorporated our nourishing and healing comfrey extract, moisture locking oils of raspberry seed and meadow foam and soothing, harmonising, anti-inflammatory sandalwood essential oil. 

A universal skin cream infused with healing botanicals, traditionally used to soothe, nourish and heal all skin types. This cream has a beautiful balanced, silky texture, locking in moisture and supporting your skins natural protective barrier, all while offering gentle aromatherapy benefits with a subtle herbaceous aroma of uplifting light floral notes and a grounding wood base. A truly multifunctional cream, formulated for use as a both a face, hand and body moisturiser. The healing capabilities of this formulation may also be used to speed healing of minor wounds and skin inflammation such as rashes and eczema.

Key Ingredients 

Rose Rosa ssp
One of the most exquisite and divine aromas, Rose is known as the queen of essential oils. It takes around 30 to 200 rose flowers to produce a single drop of essential oil making rose one the most expensive essential oils available. Rose is soothing and hydrating, softening the texture and reducing the redness of your skin. Rose is safe for sensitive skin types. Rose symbolises love and beauty and is often associated with romance and femininity. 

Calendula Calendula officinalis
The infused oil of calendula flowers is traditionally used to support your skins ability to heal, helping to repair wounds, reduce inflammation and alleviate dryness. Used in our Calendula Rose cream to moisturise and soothe all skin types. Our Calendula Rose cream is perfect for sensitive skin and for skin types prone to dermatitis and eczema. The lighter texture is also ideal for maintaining moisture and balance in normal to dry skin types. 

Meadowfoam Seed Limanthes alba
A harmonising and rejuvenating plant extract known to prevent moisture loss by forming a moisture barrier with your skin, without clogging pores. Meadowfoam seed oil is extremely stable, helping to prevent oxidation of other ingredients in a formulation. Meadowfoam oil contains over 98% long-chain fatty acids, and also has higher quality triglyceride levels when compared to other vegetable oils. In addition, it has three long chain fatty acids that were previously unknown before its discovery.

Raspberry Seed Rubus idaeus

A deeply nourishing and protective oil with a light texture, rich in essential fatty acids. Known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, raspberry seed oil also helps your skin to retain moisture, helping to keep your skin looking and feeling smooth and plump. Perfect for dry and damaged skin.

Directions Apply to clean skin morning and night, or as often as needed. Suitable for use on face, hands and body.

Ingredients Rose hydrosol Rosa damascena (spray free), vegetable glycerine (palm free), cetearyl olivate & sorbitan olivate, stearic acid (palm free), shea butter Butyrospermum parkii* (fair trade), raspberry seed CO2 ext. Rubus idaeus L.*, Meadowfoam seed oil Limnanthes alba, Jojoba oil Simmondsia chinensis*, Calendula CO2 ext. Calendula officinalis*, sunflower oil Helianthus annuus*, comfrey alcohol fluid ext. Symphytum officinale*, xanthan gum, provitamin B5, gluconolactone, sodium benzoate, rose essential oil Rosa alba & sandalwood essential oil Santalum album. *Organic

Size 60ml Jar / 100ml Pump

Made in Wellington, New Zealand.

We recommend performing a patch test before incorporating a new product into your routine. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any medical conditions consult your healthcare practitioner before use. Keep out of reach of children.

Love Letters

"I love our new Calendula Rose Cream formulation! The texture feels so smooth and light as you apply it and moisturises my skin all day long. I'm amazed at how far it goes. I have a long history of eczema and tend to get quite dry skin. I'm finding this is all I need as a hand and body cream. I apply it as a body cream every day after showering and use it as a hand cream throughout the day. I often apply a little with the Restore Facial Oil morning and night when my skin needs extra nourishment. I love the addition of sandalwood, blended with rose, it has a more grounding, earthy aroma." - Jemma, Wellington Apothecary Co-Founder

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Calendula Rose Soothing Skin Cream
Calendula Rose Soothing Skin Cream
Calendula Rose Soothing Skin Cream
Calendula Rose Soothing Skin Cream
Calendula Rose Soothing Skin Cream