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Sleep Journal

Sleep Journal

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We spend so much of our lives asleep, but the process is still such a mystery. Most of us are sloppy at best with sleep, always needing more but not knowing how to make it happen.

MiGoals' Sleep Journal is designed to help you build healthy routines around sleep, inviting you to reflect on the quality of your sleep each morning, and put aside the stressful things of the day as you settle down each night. There's also space to lay out your goals and to-do list as part of your wakeup routine, and free space to fill with those witching-hour thoughts so you can get them out of your head and onto paper.

Bound in a soft, soothing pastel cover perfect for relaxation, the Sleep Journal will quickly become a regular part of your nighttime routine, helping you to tend to your rest and figure out what works for you.


Sleep journal
B6 size
178 pages
Features 100gsm, fountain pen-friendly paper; 2 divider ribbons; sleep score and daily rating; reflection and gratitude spaces; sleep research and tips; dream interpretation
Designed in Australia; made in China

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